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fashion friday: road trippin’

luke, the nugget and i will be leaving later this afternoon to head back down to georgia – this time for vacation, on tybee island.

we’ve got another long drive ahead of us, but at this point, we’re road trip professionals.

what? that’s a thing.

so here’s a look at what i like to wear on long treks down winding roads.


any kind of stretchy, flowy, cotton, comfy, jersey dress or skirt. this should require no explanation, but i will tell you that i wore the striped version of number 4 on our way home from georgia a couple of weeks ago and it felt like i was in my jammies. except i didn’t look like i was. that, 2 consecutive rounds of the alphabet game, and lots of great conversation {and music} got me through.


of course, you could always go the way of the tee and jeans.

the great thing about the recent-ish trend of colored pants is that the old tee and jeans gets a bit of a makeover. why not pair these {in red} with number one for a bit of a color shock? or these {in pink} with number 4? or these {swoon} with number 5?

the possibilities are endless!

do you have a standard but stylish uniform for the road? do share!



{H&M top –similar  and scarf –similar, crops, wedges}

i feel like i’m not tan enough to wear yellow yet, but it’s just so pretty, i have a hard time caring.

i love how cheery it is. how feminine it is. how summery it is.

yes, yellow is a good color to wear.

even without a tan.

pleated poppy

fashion friday: beach cover-ups

i’m a huge fan of the beach.

enormous fan.

and i take full advantage of being just an hour and a half away from it.

i’ll admit though – my beauty regiment is non-existent on a beach day. there’s no use really. you spend the day getting all sweaty and sandy so that makeup and pretty hair is a joke.

but fashion is another story altogether.

even without a made-up face and perfect hair, having a great cover-up and fun accessories can still make you look and feel spectacular.

my personal favorite this year is the romper. i know, i know – it’s a controversial piece, but i just think they’re so darn cute.

this little beauty is only $12.95 at H&M and i’m saying lots of little prayers that she’s at mine. or else i may have to search a lot of H&Ms to find her.

if you’re an over-sized t-shirt kinda gal, why not punch it up a little with this one from Anthropologie:

i LOVE that it’s asymmetrical, and i love the punchy pattern on the back. it’s a treat no matter where you look!

maxis are still a great option on and off the sand and i’m really loving this tank dress from the Gap:

great color. simple silhouette. all you’ll ever need.

 a tunic is a great way to go, because it’ll transition well into the rest of your day after the beach. just throw on some shorts and a cute tank underneath, and you’re good to go.

happy beach shopping!

the 80’s called

{gap jacket and tee/ h&m pants/ bakers sandals {similar}/ aeo sunnies}

and they want their jean jacket back.

that’s what my husband said to me when i walked out of our room the other day. you know, if he knew fashion really well, he would have also included my green pants in that sentence too.

you know what else? not that long ago, a phrase like that would have sent me back into my regular garb. but i’ve just stopped caring about things like that when it comes to what i wear. i was comfy, i looked good {sorry for the horn tooting, but i’m proud of myself for dropping all my baby weight}, and i didn’t look like every one else when i went to walmart that day.

i read a quote by adam lambert, of all people, about a year ago that changed my perspective on fashion. he said {to paraphrase}

the only thing you need to “pull something off” is the desire to do so

and so, i will wear my denim jacket and colored pants until they fall wayout of style again. and then one day we will look back at this picture and laugh just like we do at the lovely folks of the 80s. but at least i’m not wearing black.

pleated poppy


{AEO Sunnies & Jeggings – Gap Tee – Target Scarf – Sperries via eBay/similar}

I’m not quite sure what happened.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we were experiencing summer-like warmth and it was glorious. The sun was out it was slightly humid, but bearable, and a ride to Walmart meant loud music and rolled-down windows.

And then it went back to being 40-50 degrees outside. I guess I’m glad I didn’t pack away my winter clothes.

But then yesterday, we got another little glimpse of warmer weather. I think it must have been in the 60s, and while that’s not summer-like, I’ll take advantage of whatever semi-warmth comes my way.

Beggars can’t be choosers, after all.

pleated poppy

fashion friday: wedges

I’ve got my eye on wedges for this spring/summer season. They’re a casually dressy, summery cool shoe that look great during the day with a cute t and shorts or at night at a lovely summer soiree. {I have never thrown a summer soiree, but doesn’t that just sound splendid?}

Here are some of my favorites:


And, because I’m nothing if not a dreamer….

Meet Tchad by DVF

Have a lovely weekend!

orange you glad?

j.crew cardigan {similar} aeo drapey tank {similar}, jeggings, and espadrilles {similar}

I’m trying really hard to inject more color into my wardrobe.

It’s really been a challenge after years and years of gravitating toward black, brown, grey, and white. But when I caught this cardi on sale @ J.Crew toward the end of my pregnancy, I figured it was a great way to pack a punch. I mean, it’s orange, for cryin’ out loud.

I should get points for color, and then bonus points for such a vibrant one. {Although admittedly, this isn’t as vibrant an orange as there is out there. Bear with me, mmk?}

I’ve done a little spring shopping and am proud to report that there’s some coral, pink, and green involved.

If that’s not growth, I don’t know what is.

pleated poppy

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