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marcus is only 8 months old and i think about this all the time.

every new thing he does.

every milestone he achieves.

they’re reminders that we’re leaving behind precious moments that i can never get back.

days that pass slowly, or when i’m frustrated with this, that, or the other thing – it’s when i need this reminder the most.

God willing, we have so much ahead of us.

but i don’t ever want to forget where we’ve been.

and i certainly don’t want to rush through where we are.


{faux} hawk

and that’s really all there is to say, about that.

how was your weekend?

into the wild

since luke had a couple of days off over the weekend, we decided to take a little day trip to a zoo.

the only problem was that the closest zoo to us is in atlanta, and that’s outside of the 50 miles that we’re allowed to travel. {some silly policy that the army has}

but. the bright side was that there was a little animal safari not too far from us. it’s one of those animal places where you can drive your own vehicle through {yeah, right} or take a bus tour through {that’s more like it}.

so we went, and had a grand old time.

even marcus enjoyed himself {he really liked looking at the animals} until it was way past his nap/lunch time.  but we couldn’t rush the tour bus through. something about us not being the only ones on the tour and, oh yeah, when there’s cattle on the road, you kind of have to wait for them to cross. but whatever.

{i thought this little pot-bellied pig was so precious – and you could buy them. hubs vetoed that idea. bummer.}

{this is a male liger – a lion/tiger mix. he weighs 820 pounds. in comparison, a male lion weighs about 250. he was huge.}

{losing it}

{marcus got the “wear your stripes” memo that day.}

so. what’d you do this weekend?

half birthday

You’re 6 months old now.

This just totally and completely shatters my heart into a million tiny pieces.

How is it that this time has flown by so quickly? A half of a year, gone, just like that. Just like everyone said it would. I swear if I blink again, you’ll be 18. It’s hard to stop blinking though.

You amaze me with your learning abilities. It’s like one day you’re on the verge of doing something, and them BAM! the next day, you’re just doing it. Like sitting up. One day, you could only sit up for 5 seconds before falling over, and then just like that, there you were sitting up all by yourself, without my help. And now, you’re even more of a pro. Stop growing up so fast, will ya?

You talk a lot. It’s like you’re trying so hard to form words. You watch my mouth as I’m talking to you, and I can tell that you get it, but you don’t know how to duplicate it quite yet. Don’t worry. You’ll get there. For now, it’s really cute to watch you move your little tongue around in an attempt to form words. And sentences.

You’re super cute with Dasher. Poor little guy didn’t see you comin’, did he? You like to grab onto him – it seems you prefer his beard, poor guy – in an attempt to find out how hard you can pinch or pull before he cries uncle. Or bites you. He does neither, because he’s incredibly patient and tolerant, but he does seem to give me this look that says: “Really?” Also, you have a penchant for putting his ears or paws in your mouth. This is why I laugh at people who say “Oh! I almost forgot to wash my hands!” when they want to hold you. It’s clear that you have an immune system of steel. I mean, dog. paws. Yick.

You’ve got the most precious little giggle. Seriously, it makes me swoon. You don’t let it out all that often because most of the time you seem to be contemplating serious scientific theories or something, but sometimes, you’re just a little six-month-old baby who likes to giggle at his mommy’s fingers or the TV remote, and it just slays me.

I love that you reserve your biggest smiles for your dad and me. I love the we get to hear you talk more than anyone. I love how excited you get right before we put a spoonful of something or other in your mouth. I love the way you bring your feet up to your mouth and chew on your toes. I love the way you grab my neck and nuzzle into the crook of it. I love when you drift off to sleep in my arms. I love the serious way you inspect new things.  I love the way you bring a blanket up to your face to snuggle when I tuck you in for bed. I love the way you kick your left leg when I lay you down to change your diaper as if you’re revving an engine up. I love that you have no idea how to put the binky back in your mouth once you’ve pulled it out.

I love you more than I did when you were born.

marcus eats pears

Alright, listen.

I know that every parent in the world thinks that their kid is the greatest or the cutest or whatever.

And I know that reading a blog with pictures and videos of a person’s kid is the internet equivelent of John whipping out pictures of little Timmy from his wallet and it’s all you can do to stop yourself from bolting in the opposite direction.

But sometimes, and only when we’re talking about my kid, it’s just plain ol’ cute.

So indulge me, will you? Take 2 minutes and 33 seconds out of your day to watch my precious little man eat {and love} his pears.

I make his baby food for him from recipes found in this baby food cookbook that I bought when I was still pregnant.

The pears were super-easy to make. Here’s how I did it:

5 pears, peeled and seeds removed with a melon baller cut into 8-12 slices.

8 ounces of water.

Put pears and water in a 4-quart pot, turn heat on high and cook for 8 minutes. Add contents to blender, puree until smoothe. Pour into 2 ice cube trays to freeze. Transfer frozen pears to labled zip-loc bags. Pears will keep for a month.

I mean, did I tell you it was easy or what?

this is you little man

You’re three months old and even I’m taken back at how quickly it’s flown. It feels like yesterday when the storm hit and I woke up at 1 am with contractions. It feels like yesterday when I met you for the first time. But it wasn’t yesterday.

You’re talking now. Not in coherent sentences with words or anything. But you talk. Whatever it is you’re speaking about is just thrilling, it seems. You’re extremely animated. You’ll talk to anything that will listen. Your toys, me, Dasher. It doesn’t matter. There’s a sweet little raspiness to your voice that is extremely endearing. Maybe you’ll keep it, maybe you won’t. But I’ll never forget it. You’re full of smiles and almost-giggles and it warms my heart to look at you. And oh, those dimples. It’s not fair really. Dimples. They’re my weakness and you possess them. Sigh. Maybe it’s just that you’re my weakness.

You look just like your daddy, but you have a little bit of both of our personalities. {See: talking} Anyone who looks at you or meets you for the first time sees your serious face. It’s all daddy there. But, if they take the time to snuggle you, to get to know you, the dimples come out. And I can watch them fall in love with you. You’re magic. Pure magic.

You have the sweetest little mouth but darnit if you’re not always sucking on that bottom lip. Mom-mom says I should get a picture of it. Well, I did.

And even that doesn’t even do it justice. You’d think your bottom lip tastes like sugar the way you suck on it. I’ll confess though – it’s pretty cute.

Your daddy and I both have to stop ourselves from squeezing you to death. You’re just so squeezable though. How can we resist?

My favorite is our nose time. When you’re laying down and I put my face up to yours; nose to nose. And you take your hands and put them on my face like you’re an old woman about to impart wisdom, and you coo at me. And then rip my glasses off of my face. Or pull my hair. I love that you can interact in this way. It’s very caveman of you.

I love the way your eyes cross when you’re trying to focus. I love the little tiny bald spot on the back of your head that you’ve acquired by shaking your head back and forth when you’re fighting sleep. I love your belly button. I love that your little ears stick out. I love the deep brown of your eyes. I love your strong little legs and how you love standing on them. Or kicking them. I love the shiny chin you have from drooling so much. I love how you grab your toys and bring them up to your mouth with this look of accomplishment on your face.

In a nutshell? I love you.


It occurred to me the other day that I never showed you the finished product of Marcus’ nursery. And since I got such a great reaction from my friend Bobbi {hi Bobbi!} last night when she saw it for the first time, I figured that the old adage “better late than never” would work in my favor. So, here you go:

{this little guy is on the door leading into his room}I wanted to find a vintage globe for this spot, but Luke vetoed that idea straight away. He said he wanted it to be accurate so that it could be an educational tool. He won.

My Aunt Rita {hi Aunt Rita!} embroidered Marcus’ name onto this precious little bib. I wanted to frame it since it’s just the cutest thing ever.

The Deets: The Internet was a fabulous resource in the creation of this room. The stripes and canvas drop-cloth drapes were ideas borrowed from Layla over at The Lettered Cottage. The monogram art above his little book shelf was an idea borrowed from the lovely Emily over at Jones Design Company. I don’t sew so, I found a no-sew pillow cover tutorial here to make the little pillow covers for the rocking chair. Also, I hated every single mobile I found in stores, and I found a make-your-own-mobile tutorial on the interwebs somewhere, but I guess I didn’t save the link, and now I can’t find it. Basically, all you need is some string, one of these guys, and some cute little wood shapes that you can find at any craft store and viola! You have a mobile.

Have any questions on stuff I didn’t cover? Ask away!

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