things i love: boxes

one of my favorite things in the whole wide world is getting mail.

i feel like a little kid – the anticipation of getting something special is reminiscent of the night before christmas.

now mostly, i just get bills and other such un-fun things. but once a month i can count on getting something special in the mail thanks to birchbox and bluum. {i guess technically, it would count as twice a month.}

in a nutshell, they are wonderful little companies that send you samples every month. birchbox is for any woman- they send samples of beauty-related products every month. bluum is for mamas. they send samples of things for mamasandbabies. anything from beauty products to floor cleaner to rattles.

the best part? the price – you can get a birchbox for just $10/month or a bluum box for just $12/month. with both companies you can earn points if you review the products {for other birchbox or bluum members} you receive and the points can go toward purchasing products or getting a free box.

the added bonus is finding a product that you fall in love with and will use for all eternity.

even if you don’t want to undulge for yourself, they make great gifts. what woman do you know who wouldn’t love to get beauty product samples every month from birchbox? and what about the new mama in your life? i think you other mamas would all agree that a little treat like a bluum box would be a real pick-me-up in the midst of a newly-sagging tummy, sore nipples, and a special place that doesn’t feel so special.

plus if nothing else, it feels great to have your name on something that isn’t the electric bill.


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