into the wild

since luke had a couple of days off over the weekend, we decided to take a little day trip to a zoo.

the only problem was that the closest zoo to us is in atlanta, and that’s outside of the 50 miles that we’re allowed to travel. {some silly policy that the army has}

but. the bright side was that there was a little animal safari not too far from us. it’s one of those animal places where you can drive your own vehicle through {yeah, right} or take a bus tour through {that’s more like it}.

so we went, and had a grand old time.

even marcus enjoyed himself {he really liked looking at the animals} until it was way past his nap/lunch time.  but we couldn’t rush the tour bus through. something about us not being the only ones on the tour and, oh yeah, when there’s cattle on the road, you kind of have to wait for them to cross. but whatever.

{i thought this little pot-bellied pig was so precious – and you could buy them. hubs vetoed that idea. bummer.}

{this is a male liger – a lion/tiger mix. he weighs 820 pounds. in comparison, a male lion weighs about 250. he was huge.}

{losing it}

{marcus got the “wear your stripes” memo that day.}

so. what’d you do this weekend?


1 Response to “into the wild”

  1. 1 Mary Angert May 11, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    If/when you get back to Atlanta, I highly recommend the Aquarium. The whale sharks alone are worth the admission. Largest species of sharks but they only eat krill and plankton – gentle giants. The Aquarium even offers swimming in the huge tank with those sharks, other sharks, mantas, large turtles, and all sorts of fish. And their whale sharks are only adolescents but still huge. I’d love to see an adult one in the ocean.

    I’m with Marcus; I love seeing animals, reptiles, fish, …. and museums….

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