date night

there are plenty of pros and cons to marrying a po-po {that’s police officer – what? i’m sure you have special names for them too. some not-so-nice ones too, i bet.} and one of the pros {and cons} is the weird shift work.

i may not get luke on a weekend evening like many of you, but! we can have random tuesday date nights like we did this week.

i’d been wanting to go to this little place in middletown, delaware called sully’s irish pub for a while now, but they’re always super crowded on the weekends. i must be getting old {twenty-seven EESH!} because i’m not one for crowds anymore, and i figured that our tuesday date night was the perfect evening to pay them a visit.

i should tell you that the reason i wanted to go so badly was because the local seafood market, which is right next door to sully’s, wholesales their seafood to the pub, and i figured that their menu might just be pretty incredible to be getting such a direct connect.


the ambience isn’t much, but i mean, it is just a pub, so expectations shouldn’t be high.

but sweetlemonade is their food spectacular. we started off with their “tuna bites” – rare-seared tuna with a wasabi dipping sauce:

luke wasn’t much of a fan, but that’s just because he’s not a rare fish kinda guy. i could’ve eaten them all day long. and the dipping sauce was fantabulous.

for the entree, we both got their “bohemia platter” which was a crab cake and sea scallops, but i opted for soup instead of fries and cole slaw. i went with their shrimp bisque:

the soup was delish as was the crab cake. i especially appreciated the crab cake because it wasn’t just a bunch of bread-y filler, it was 98% crab – and you just can’t beat that. luke and i both agreed that the scallops needed to be cooked just a smidge longer, but they were still flavorful and went down just fine with a swig of beer.

{everything goes down better with a swig of beer.}

all in all? a great night. i kept looking around at the people at the bar who were just only drinking and then saying to luke “do they know that there’s food here? good food?” and luke would just chuckle at me.

eh well. we had the best of both – great beer, and great food. a winning combination.

{a special thanks to my in-laws for making this date possible!}

happy date night to you! what are your plans this weekend?

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