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This lace shirt may not have been the wisest purchase. It could get totally destroyed by my son who likes to grab things and then put them into his mouth or just grab things and pull them.

Mommy clothes have to be durable.

But I love the light airy feel of the shirt. I love that I wore it on an almost-80-degree-day in March. And I love that I have until at least September to keep enjoying it.

Maybe I’ll just make sure that Marcus is otherwise entertained on the days I choose to wear it.

pleated poppy


1 Response to “lace”

  1. 1 ellen March 21, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    I have a small collection of clothes, shoes and accessories that are sort of “on hold” for when I am either going out without any children (girls night, date night, random adult event…) or when my kiddos graduate from the “let me see if I can pull your hoop earrings out” stage (and yes, they do grow out of that stage). It makes those kid free times even more special to have special stuff just for the occasion!

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