becoming less: less is more

I’m just gonna level with you here:

On Thanksgiving, it is not out of the question to find my plate piled with stuff {it’s not touching though, because I don’t like my food to touch} and once I finish that plate, I go back for more.

Except that, I didn’t just used to allow that behavior on Thanksgiving. I did that almost every night. I would fill my plate, decide that I just loved what I  had finished eating, and then I would go back for seconds.

I’m not sure if you know this, so I’m just going to tell you: That’s. Bad.

Portions are a huge problem in this country, and so, I figured that you and I would just tackle portion control straight away. Because we are brave.

I want you to do one thing for me this week. Just one simple, tiny little thing. Don’t change anything else, ok? Here it is:

eat off of your salad plate.

I know it seems silly, but this was the very first change that I made to the way I did food business. I kept right on eating the same meals, but I did so off of a salad plate. One plate. If I was still REALLY hungry 15-20 minutes after I finished my meal {this allows your food time to really settle into your tummy} I grabbed a piece of fruit. Usually a banana, because they’re just more filling.

That’s it.

Breakfast and lunch are a little more tricky, because they’re usually on-the-go meals that allow for more unhealthy food to make its way into your life {don’t worry, we’ll fix that}. But whenever the principle above aplies, use it!

Why am I going at this in stages? Because, generally, it’s easier to master 1 technique at a time rather than many at once. If you try to change your portion sizes and what you’re actually eating, all while fitting in a work-out, it’s harder to succeed.

Have questions? Ask away!

This post is part of my Becoming Less Series on weight-loss. This is the beginning.


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