all over the place

It’s Monday.

I’ll be doing exciting things today. Like dusting and vacuuming. And feeding my son. Who should weigh in at about 5,000 lbs the way he eats.

But that’s not exciting enough for your reading pleasure, so I’ll leave you with some random things that are keeping a smile on my face today.

1. Luke, Marcus and I are going to be heading up to NYC on Sunday. You cannot imagine how excited I am. Especially because there’s a Crumbs Bake Shop steps away from where we will be saying. My biggest dilemma on this mini-vaca will be deciding which flavor to choose. God bless breast-feeding. Marcus will just eat those calories away. {So will walking the equivalent of a marathon. Every. Day.}

2. In the very beginning of his life, Marcus loved the bath. He could go from an all-out shriek-like scream to totally peaceful as soon as he hit the water. Then, something changed. And for weeks he HATED the bath. Recently, I discovered that it was because the water was too cold for him {Those little indicators work for most babies I guess, but Marcus likes the temperature of the water when the little thing says that it’s too hot. Eh. He’s like his dad. Ok, and me too.} and now we’re back to loving bath time. Which is splendid. Because when he’s all cool and relaxed I’m able to snap incredible shots like this:

That face is edible friends.

3. These shoes. That is all.

4. Luke and I had a date night – sans Marcus thanks to my wonderful Mommy – last week and went to Jessop’s Tavern. We sat next to the fireplace, had their delicious crab dip and talked for hours. It was special. Luke has decided, however, that for our next date we will go shooting. Oh well, so long as he still lets me do this:

Gosh, I love him.

5. We’re getting our Christmas Tree today. Nothing rivals the smell. Nothing.

So. How are things with you?


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