Since becoming a new mama, I have perfected the following:

1. Doing most things one-handed. Need a glass of water? I can get it for you….while I’m holding Marcus. Eating breakfast…while I’m holding Marcus. Vacuuming the living room…while I’m holding Marcus. Pushing the stroller through the mall….while holding my Starbucks cup. {hey, not everything is while I’m holding Marcus}

2. Taking quick showers. I’ve never been one of those girls who needs a long shower {not that I don’t enjoy one every now and then}, but now, I can take a shower in just under 9 minutes. I mean, that’s got to be some sort of world record or something. I’ll be expecting a phone call from the good folks at the Guinness World Records any day now.

3. Enjoying sleep. I thought I enjoyed sleeping before {I’ve always been a 9-10 hour kinda girl}, but letmetellyou, I’ve never enjoyed it so much since experiencing what my life is like without it. I love sleep. Sleep had me at hello. Sleep completes me.

4. Grocery Shopping. There is nothing more motivating to get in the store, throw what is on your list, and only on your list in the cart and get the heck outta there before the baby wakes up and wreaks havoc on all of the other poor unsuspecting shoppers. Nothing.

5. Planning. I’m not exactly the most organized person in the world. I don’t make lists, I don’t check email regularly, and I’m terrible at returning phone calls/text messages. But, I’ve improved in this area since giving birth. I have to be organized if I want to shower, dress, and put makeup on before the day ends {all while keeping the child alive}. I have to make lists, otherwise my dog {and we humans} will go hungry. And I have to check email and return messages and such otherwise it’s essentially as if I’ve been talking to myself all day.

What about you mamas? What have you perfected?


1 Response to “perfectionist”

  1. 1 the momma October 25, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    Always wanted to be a “perfectionist” however I have never achieved that goal. It seems I can only do some things 100% or alot of things at about 80%. But there is nothing like tending your young un. Now that’s perfect! Great job girly, girl!

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