a moment to myself

As much as I positively adore my new little baby boy, this post is not about him. In fact, after this sentence, he will not be referenced again {in this post}.

Y’all know about my undying love for fall fashion and since I have a moment to myself this morning, I figured I’d share with you some pieces I’ve been digging so far.

First and foremost: boots. Because they really are just the greatest invention ever.

My 2 favorites this year?

The boots on the left are Timberland Rain Boots sold exclusively at American Eagle Outfitters and boy are they FANTASTIC. I would so wear these on sunny days as well. Just because they’re that fantastic. The boots on the right are the Crossfire Boot sold at Bakers Shoes. They’re boots I actually own – they were my “thanks for giving me a son” gift. They are actually more Cognac-y colored than what the picture shows – and I absolutely love them. They look great paired with all of my staple wardrobe colors – black, white, brown, cream, tan. You could totally wear them with other colors too – I just mostly wear those “bland” colors listed.

I’m also really loving that blazers seem to be making a serious comeback. There are so many great options at so many different places. I picked up a basic black over at Zara {you should absolutely go give their site a look-see}:

If you don’t find what you’re looking for over there, you can find great options at American Eagle, H&M, and J.Crew. Blazers are one of those pieces that can look great during the day with more casual attire {as pictured above} or in the evening out to dinner and drinks. Or at a party. Or anywhere.

For me, it’s not fall without a big comfy sweater to lounge in.

I’m dying to get my hands on this fabulous piece of sweater-y from American Eagle:

{yes, in that color, too!}. A sweater I’ve already gotten my hands on? This one, from Express:

It’s got two of my signature colors, so I really scored here. Plus I caught a sale. And had a coupon. I’m like a professional shopper or something.

So, what are you loving this fall?


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