things i love: pottery barn {pillows}

So, really I could probably dedicate an entire post to my love for Pottery Barn, but in order to keep this to “article” length rather than “novel” length, I’ll just share with you my love of their pillows.

In an effort to get this kid outta me already, I went to my local mall {it used to be only 15 minutes away, now I have to drive 30-ish minutes to get there. sigh.} and walked some laps.

I usually walk right past the Pottery Barn store, because there’s nothing more tempting than seeing their goodies in person. And I’m all about having self control. When I feel like it. But this dining room table hooked me and reeled me in. And once you cross the threshold of the door, there’s no going back.

So, I walked around.

And stumbled upon some pillows that I’m positively in lurve with. Y’see, as I’ve mentioned about 30 trazilion times, I’m attempting to revamp my entire house. But to save my husband’s sanity and our savings account from too much trauma, I don’t want to {or have to} do it all at once.

Right now, my living room is accented with deep cranberry-reds. And it’s a little more formal than I’d like it to be. I want that rustic farmhouse charm, and it’s just not happening with what I’ve got. So, out with the old, and in with the new. In order to successfully complete my revamp, I don’t need new furniture or anything that terribly complicated – just switching out the accessories {and maybe changing the paint color – but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it} will do the trick.

These are my “accessories” of choice:

{of course this one’s sold out}

Like a great pair of jeans, these solid pillows set the stage for patterns and prints. I love that even though they’re very basic, they still have personality with the ties and the braiding.

I LOVE these patterned pillows. I think that even though they’re a little on the “flower-y” side, they’re not too feminine. Which is good because I’m about to be surrounded by males. I love that the colors are muted {I’m not one for bold colors, which would come as a shock to anyone who paid a visit to my house in its current state.} while still somehow being cheerful. Maybe it’s the combo of blue and yellow?

Anyway. You should totally go check out Pottery Barn’s super-great pillow collection. There’s so much to choose from!


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