bambino update

My Doctor is a funny guy.

Y’see, I’m 5’10” and I do not have a tiny frame. My husband is 6’5″ so he’s just large by default. I was an ounce shy of 10 pounds when I was born and my hubby was somewhere around the 7.5 pound range, 3 weeks early.

I’m not expecting a little baby.

In fact, while I’ve been stocking up on diapers, I’ve skipped right over the newborn size. I haven’t even purchased a lot of size 1 diapers.

But my Doctor has showed “concern” over the baby’s size, ordering extra ultrasounds, using dreaded phrases like “induce labor” and “take him early” {he doesn’t know yet that he’s going to lose this battle. i’m biding my time in telling him.} It really kind of makes me chuckle a little. I mean, dude, I’m not the first woman in the world to have a large baby, and I certainly don’t think I’ll be the last. In fact, just the other day, this wonderful lady who volunteers regularly in the church office where I work was telling me about her teeny-tiny sister-in-law {or was it her aunt?} who delivered a 14-pound baby. Naturally. {because there was no other choice back then, but still.} She went on to have 2 more children.

So, I am not an anomaly.

But whatever, if he wants to order extra ultrasounds, more power to him. That just means I get to see my little boy more frequently than the average pregnant lady. I’ll take it.

So I had another ultrasound at 31 weeks. {I’m 33 today} As soon as the ultrasound tech put the little wand on my belly, the first words out of her mouth were “Oh boy, he has a lot of hair.” I’m always amazed at these women who can look at the black squiggles on the screen and see things like that, it’s incredible. She pointed it out to us, but I really will just have to take her word for it. But I’m thrilled that he has lots of hair. I guess I didn’t realize that I was worried about the possibility of his being bald.

Anyway, she did all of her magical measurements and such and informed us that based on these measurments, bambino is 4 lbs 6 oz. At 31 weeks gestation. In case you didn’t know – that’s big. BUT! Not as big as he used to be.

She informed me that at my 19-week ultrasound he was in the 98th percentile for size which would put him in the 10+ pound range at birth. {Um, duh.} {This, by the way, is why my Doc was so “worried” in the first place.} Now, he’s only {ha} in the 88th percentile for size, but apparently,  it’s still big. {Um, duh, again.} But I’m thinking that if the 98th percentile would have given me a 10+ pounder and now he’s in the 88th percentile, that should be less than 10 pounds right? LET’S REJOICE!

Instead, when I met with my Doc the following week, he’s all “The baby is still pretty large, so I’m going to order another ultrasound in 4 weeks so that we can continue to monitor his growth.”

I almost want to prescribe some “calm down” meds for him or something. I mean, if I’m not worried about birthing gigantor, he shouldn’t be worried about it, right?  He’s certainly not the one who has to do it. He’ll just make his appearance when the baby is crowning, pull him out, and get paid gazillions of dollars to do it.  And besides all of that, all of my mom’s single babies were right at or just over 10 pounds so this is not abnormal for my family.

He should just relax.

Anyway, aside from the whole giant-baby-gate 2011, he looks super-healthy and that’s really the only thing I care about. We were even able to sneak a 3D ultrasound pic out of lovely tech, so I got a little glimpse of what he looks like:

I know these pictures have a tendency to freak people out, so I’m sorry.

Anyway, we’re all completely blown away by how much he looks like Luke. It’s sort of unfair really. I mean, I look at this and I just can’t see myself at all. But I’ll hold out some hope that he’ll begin looking a little more like me over the next 6 weeks. But if not, that’s ok too, because I think Luke’s pretty great-looking.


1 Response to “bambino update”

  1. 1 DDTM June 22, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    If I haven’t told you already, ask me sometime what the ultraound tech told us. Let’s just say I haven’t heard that word since health class.

    And BTWm my vote is now for Marcus (double fist bump) Gigantor . ‘Cause that would be awesome.

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