dear self: remember this

Earlier this week, Luke and I had an entire day to spend together. I know it seems crazy, because we don’t have kids yet, but an entire day together is not something we see all that often between his Police schedule and his Army schedule.

It just so happened, that the weather was perfect. Funny how God works those things out, huh?

Anyway, at one point in the evening, we decided to park our car and take a mile walk to the nearest Starbucks. {I would like to take this moment to do some self-horn-tooting. I walked the entire way up and back and kept pace with my six-foot-five husband, without issue, while 21 weeks pregnant. Just call me Superwoman.} We talked the entire way there, the entire time at Starbucks, and the entire way back to our car. It was just us {and the dog} and in spite of the excitement we both have toward the arrival of our first-born, I was struck with the reality that it’ll never be “just us” again. We are, forever and always, going to have another human being to care for and raise up. Those Starbucks trips will be fewer and further between, and moments alone will be harder to come by.

Sure, we’ll be intentional {as all married couples should} about time alone, and making sure that we get it. After all, well-raised children are great, but not at the expense of the marriage between the parents. But in these last months before our baby gets here, I’m reminded that now is the time to enjoy my time with Luke, now is the time for us to further strengthen the bond that we have, so that time apart doesn’t rock us to the core. Now is the time to just be. With him.

And remember that I am his wife first, and my child{ren}’s mother second.

And carry that with me throughout the rest of our lives.


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