grey or white?

I was doing so well.

And then I had to pick out paint colors.

It gets me every time. Painting.

When we moved into the house, the painting bug hit me – 1. because we had lived in an apartment that we didn’t paint and then my parents house and we didn’t paint in there either 2. because the previous owners left the builder’s-grade cream-colored flat paint on every wall in the house.

I went nuts painting, but never stopped to think about how I would really feel about the colors I had chosen, and whether they were what I really wanted.

And now I want to change my whole house.

So, anyway…..

I initially thought that I wanted the horizontal stripes to be shades of tan. But as I went through paint swatches, nothing was calling out to me. Plus, the good majority of my house is painted tan. I think I was just tanned out.

When I thought long and hard about it {at 2:00 am when I can’t seem to sleep} I decided that I wanted to do greys. So, off to Home Depot I went. And I eventually settled on these 2 greys by Glidden:

I thought they looked nice together, and had the same clay-ish/tan undertones. I painted little swatches on the wall, decided that I liked them and bought a gallon of each.


When I started cutting in with the lighter of the 2 greys, I realized just how dark it was. And if the lighter color was dark, then the darker color is just gonna be way too dark. I want the room to be bright! and cheery! Not dark and thunder-cloudy.

My plan is to return the darker color {as fabulous as it is by itself, I have no use for it} and pick up a creamy white, or have the lighter of the 2 greys cut a little bit {that’s painters talk for lightened up}.

But as we all know, I can’t make the decision for myself. I need your help.

Go ahead, rock the vote.


5 Responses to “grey or white?”

  1. 1 ebeth420 March 25, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    I’m certainly no paint expert but I’d return the dark gray, have the pebble gray cut and then pick another color as the lighter stripe. I’ve read that babies do well with bright colors but can understand you wanting something somewhat neutral. Good luck with your decision and please post a picture of the room when it’s finished!

  2. 2 Kelly K March 25, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    uummm….how about blue/greys since you are having a boy- maybe more toward the grey side with hints of blue-ish undertones-

    or if cheerful is the route- sky blue and light gray..

    decisions, decisions

  3. 3 Kelly K March 25, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    kinda like the colors on your website…

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