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I think you guys remember me telling you that because of my impeccable fashion sense and my charming, witty writing style, {oh my, couldn’t even make it through this sentence without laughing!} my lovely Sister-in-Law asked me to be a contributor on her fashion blog, bStylish.

Welp, that was fun for a while {although I do admit to being a rather sucky employee as of late – baby stuff just completely distracts my otherwise semi-organized thoughts} but now, she and her friend Jo Lynne {who ran Chic Critique} have decided to merge their fashion/beauty blogs to create one big fashion/beauty/home blog called All Things Chic.

It’s live now, and in addition to just my impeccable fashion sense and charming, witty writing style, there are about 3 million more {or 14; eh, potato, potahto} women who are far greater than I at this fashion blogging thing. {Or, as my friend Andrew called it the other day, Flogging; which was fun to laugh at for a while, but I’m not sure it’ll stick, what with it being a method of abuse or torture or whatever.}

So, you should add it to your blog roll or your feed, or whatever method you use to track the blogoshpere.

Because – and this is confidential information, you know,  just. between. us. – I hear there’s going to be LOTS of super-great giveaways for the launch party next week. So you may want to just swing by and check it out.

Plus, I write over there, so what additional incentive do you actually need?

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