baby love

I went to Barnes & Noble the other day and bought this book:

Here’s the gist: You can make your own baby food! And it’s fast and easy and healthy!

I gotta say, I wouldn’t have even purchased this book if I hadn’t flipped through it in the store first to make sure that at least one {or twelve} of the recipes really was as easy to make as they were telling me it would be.

After bringing it home and really going through it, I’m happy to say that it really does seem simple. I mean, for the fruit recipes, you literally only need the fruit of choice and some water. The thing is, I know that this is something that is going to be easy to accomplish with just an infant to take care of {not that an infant isn’t hard work, but things can get a bit hairy when there’s a toddler running around too} and I don’t want to be overly ambitious, but I also really want to give this making-my-own-baby-food thing a try. At least if it doesn’t work out, I’ll know that I gave it my best shot.

So that’s why I’m coming to you folks; did any of you out there make your own baby food? If so, what was your experience like and would you recommend it? Were you able to do it for more than just your first child or did Gerber become your friend after number 1?

Commence with the advice-giving.


7 Responses to “baby love”

  1. 1 Rachel Chip January 27, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    Yes! I made baby food for Ethan, but not all of it. He had/has lots of eating/weight gain issues, so there were a few jarred things that he really liked and I would just be happy that he was (sort of) eating. Sweet potatoes, avocados and bananas were SO very easy, and they were a few of the only things E would eat. Ethan also never ate the powdered baby cereal…I made him oatmeal with real oats. I got the directions for that in Super Baby Foods – which I would highly recommend if you’re really interested in making baby food! ( I can lend you my copy if you’d want to take a look at it before you buy it.)

  2. 2 the momma January 27, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    Back in the day…they sold food that was flakes (like fish food) you mixed with water to the consistency you wanted. Super economical as you only used what you needed so there was hardly any waste. They don’t sell that now :( A bullet type blender was helpful for real food.

  3. 3 Tracy Willis January 27, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    I made my own with Luke, made some for Daniel and Madelyn none!!!! It’s well worth it and much cheaper if you can stick with it! I would freeze it in ice cube trays!

  4. 4 Meghan Dillon January 28, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    Yes! I didn’t with Rachel because I was so not about all this cool make-it-yourself stuff with her. But I did it all with Mark – I bought a few glass-jarred foods, and then just used them as my containers for storing my homemade stuff. Ice cube trays are the best for serving-sizes. I did my own rice and oatmeal cereals, veggies, fruits and meats. I remember on Saturdays I made all my food for the week and froze it. It was so easy to freezer-store and reheat. I used this website as a resource: – gave lots of nutritional info, what ages are best for what foods, and awesome recipes.

  5. 5 Cita Online January 29, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    If you’re going to make your own food – which is awesome – you’ll need these Williams-Sonoma Freezer Trays. I’ve heard they’re the best!

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