lacking in real content

*I had a great Thanksgiving. Food was good, company was greater. And guys, do you know how incredible broccoli casserole is? I remember looking at it as a child and thinking that it looked disgusting and that it surely must taste disgusting – I mean, it’s got broccoli in it, and it looks like pig slop – but you know what? It’s fantastic. I mean, broccoli, cheese, and bread crumbs; how could you go wrong? I’m just mad that I’ve lived the last 24 years of my life without broccoli casserole in it. I’ve got a lot of making up to do.

*For the first time in years, I didn’t go Black Friday shopping at ridiculous o’clock in the morning. My sister had to work until 6 pm {because she has an icky retail job now} and I didn’t want to go without my sister. So we went later in the day. And you know what? I still got good deals and got an even better parking spot. Oh. And sleep. I got a normal amount of sleep which rendered me more chipper and less likely to kill all of the teenagers {and adults, they can be a lot to handle too} that got on my nerves. Which is to say, most of them.

*For the first time in recorded history, I put my Christmas Decorations up before December, which, is today. The only thing missing is the tree, and that’s because we get a real one and I’d like it to actually make it a smidge past Christmas Day without looking like it belongs in the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

*I am in love with all of the ridiculously cheesy, romantic Christmas movies showing on Hallmark Channel, ABC Family, and Lifetime. I cannot get enough of them. I feel sorry for my poor husband, because I will suspend recording his shows {South Park & Family Guy} so that I can record the Christmas Movies. He just takes it all in stride, poor thing.

*I am almost done ALL of my Christmas Shopping. I’m not even kidding. I just have to get some little things here and there for the people on our Christmas List and then I’m done. I should probably get on the ball and just wrap while I’m ahead, but I wouldn’t want the Christmas Season to feel like I’d finally acheived victory over it, so I’ll probably wait until the last minute.

That’s all of my randomness for now. What’s going on with you?


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