after one year

I looked at my calendar yesterday and realized that it’s been one year since we settled on our home.

One year.

Life is interesting as a homeowner. You can’t just call the maintenance guy when something breaks, falls apart, or crashes, and have him come fix it for free. You have to do countless amounts of research to find someone decent enough who specializes in the specific broken item to come do an estimate and then fix the item for $40,000 more than what he quoted you in the first place.

But this is the sunny side of life, so here’s the optimistic twist:

We won’t have to paint our walls back to white if/when we move out!

Kidding. Kind of.

But, in honor of our twelve months as homeowners, I’m going to share twelve things that I LOVE about being a homeowner/our house. Because it’s just good to be grateful.

1. The Interest on your Mortgage is Tax-Deductable – I’m going to avoid all negative talk about income-tax for the time being and say “Hey government! Thanks for only partially screwing home-owners over by not robbing us blind all the way!”

2. Painting is an investment – I like to sugar-coat things so that it’s easier to pull the wool over my poor husband’s eyes when I decide that a color that I took 20 hours to pick out, purchase, and then coat the walls with just isn’t right, and decide that I want to re-paint a room. Painting is an investment because it adds to the beauty of the home and could even be what helps it sell the place should we choose to do so in the future. Plus, as previously mentioned, we won’t have to paint the walls white in order to get our security deposit back.

3. We have the best neighbors in the world – I know that not everyone is blessed with this, so I’m doubly grateful for this one. Our next door neighbors are the nicest, kindest, most friendly people in the world. From the dad down to the youngest son. They’ve given us stuff, lent us stuff, and just been good company. If we ever move, we’re taking them with us. You can’t have them.

4. I can put all the holes I want to in the walls and never have to re-fill them – Now, I’m not the type of person who when they take down a piece of art or a picture or punch a hole in the drywall out of anger, {i kid, i kid} to just leave it there. I fill it, sand it, and then re-paint the area. But I won’t have to do that to every stinkin’ hole in the place if/when we move. I can just leave them there.

5. Our Mortgage payment is money {mostly} well-spent – After our first year of marriage living in an apartment, I calculated how much money we spent on rent and was disgusted that it literally went down the tubes. Toward nothingness. I’m aware that the majority of our mortgage payment does not go toward principal, but dangit, it’s better than nothing.

6. Storage isn’t an issue {right now} – Humans are like hermit crabs; it doesn’t take us long to fill up our space. But right now, we have more than enough space to store our junk {one of us {me} is a pack-rat, and doesn’t like to throw things away for fear of hurting the item’s feelings} until we have kids and they take over the space. So I will keep my yearbooks from pre-school through high school thankyouverymuch.

7. We have a back yard  – It’s not too big, or too small. It’s just right. {I did not feel this way when I had to mow the lawn, once} There will be enough room for kids to play, but we also have a nice space for entertaining and my dad just put up a clothes line for me {yay!!!!!}.

8. Our wrap-around front porch – One day I’m going to have rocking chairs so that we can sit on the porch and drink coffee, or just sit and neighbor-watch. But even without those things, it’s so stinkin’ cute. You can have hanging baskets in the spring and summer, pumpkins in the fall, and, well, not much in the winter. Because it’s cold, yo.

9. There is no one living on top of, underneath of, or right next to you – In our apartment we had potheads on the floor below us, and loud music players right next to us. I do not miss this.

10. If I wanted to paint our kitchen cabinets, I could – Except that my husband would KILL me if I did. But, it’s the thought that counts, right? {In case you’re wondering, I would like to paint them white. They’re a cherry-wood color now.}

11. It’s a place to make memories – There are things I will never forget about the home I grew up in. The way it smelled, the way it was decorated for different seasons and holidays, how cozy it felt at christmas time and how fresh and cool it felt in the summer. This will be the place that my children have those memories in and that thought brings me so much happiness.

12. It’s ours – After years of living in places that other people owned, it’s nice to have a place that I only have to share with the person that I vowed to share stuff with til death parts us. And it’s ours. {And Wells Fargo’s} I think our home speaks to who we are, and I love that.

In all honesty, any home would be a great one as long as it was ours. But I’m so grateful that the Lord saw fit to give us this one, in this time, for us to share.

Here’s to many more years of leaky HVAC systems, paint colors, furniture rearrangement, blown lightbulbs, christmas trees, and landscaping.


2 Responses to “after one year”

  1. 1 Kaila October 27, 2010 at 11:45 am

    Awww! Happy One Year to you and your adorable home!

  2. 2 lifelemons October 28, 2010 at 7:06 am

    Happy One Year House Anniversary!

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