if all else fails, i can work for dairy queen

We’ve had some exciting times around here lately. I’m sure you’ve noticed my new bloggy clothes, which make me smile every time I see them. I’ve really been getting into fashion and interior design as of late, and things are moving along quite nicely in my house.

But none of that is nearly as exciting as what I’m about to tell you.

My brother, my sweet little Zach, got engaged. To a wonderful girl woman {what do you call the person who will marry your little brother, I sure as heck don’t know}. Here they are, looking all cute and stuff:

You should see the ring. I would show you, but there’s no picture that can do that thing justice. Just trust me when I tell you that it is STUN. NING.

Anyway, this isn’t about them. It’s about me.

In honor of their engagement, and because my mom had an extra turkey in the freezer from last Thanksgiving, we had a super-huge dinner over the weekend with the family. {our other siblings and our parents and stuff} I had one responsibility for this dinner. In addition to the 2 pies that my mom made, which were apparently not enough to constitute a reasonable dessert {it’s no wonder I’m always trying to lost weight} my mom wanted me to go pick up an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. She wanted one of the lovely staff members to write “Congrats Zach & Nikole” on said cake with their super-fancy-writing-on-cakes-icing. So I went there. Picked out a cake and walked up to the counter. I told the kid at the cash register that I wanted writing on the cake and he said:

“Oh, I’m sorry, she’s out all week.”

“She’s out all week? There’s only one person who does it?”


“So, there’s no one else who can do it?”

“Um, hold on. Hey Lisa! Can you write on a cake?”

“Uh, I mean, we did just have a huge cake debacle, but yeah, I guess I can do it. It won’t look cute though.”

At this point I was so stunned over the exemplary showing of customer service and tact that all I could muster was:

“Fine. I just want it to get done.”

The girl went in the back and took about 10 minutes to decide that she wasn’t capable of handling such a difficult task. She came out of the back and told me so. I was so frustrated that I just asked her if I could do it myself. She said yes, brought out the cake and the special icing, and I ended up with this:

I know, I know. Beauty and talent. It’s almost too much for one person.


BTW, you can still rock the vote on The Ellen Project. Voting doesn’t close until Wednesday. Go ahead. Vote.


8 Responses to “if all else fails, i can work for dairy queen”

  1. 1 nicole September 21, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    I love that he’s marrying a ‘Nicole’. Looks like I missed my change though ;)


  2. 3 lifelemons September 21, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    I have not laughed so hard ever… I even called my boss over to see your “handy” work!

  3. 5 Andrew September 21, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    Laura, I want you to know that I’m a huge fan of your blogs. You need to do this for a living. You crack me up!

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