civil war

I burn Yankee Candles in my house like I buy them from the dollar store.

The dollar store doesn’t sell them. (although wouldn’t that be lovely?)

I was in the market for a new candle, so I visited Yankee and got MacIntosh Spice. Because I just can’t let go of Autumn scents. Because they’re warm and homey.

I turned the receipt for the candle over to the business manager my hubby.

“YOU SPENT TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS ON A CANDLE?!” he asked, ever-so-lovingly.


Later that week, we were sitting in our dining room. “So, where’s this twenty-five dollar candle?

I pointed into the living room. “There. On the end table.”

“That’s it? You spent $25 on that?”

“Yes. Babe, there are some things in life that you never buy in the off-brand: Heinz ketchup, Hellman’s mayonaise, and Yankee candles.”

“Ok, but isn’t there a Confederate Candle store somewhere that sells them 50% off?”


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