back in my day….

Husband and I have these friends. These friends have 4 children. These 4 children are THE BEST behaved children I’ve ever met IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. (well, I mean, besides my siblings and I when we were their age, of course)

We hang out a lot with this couple, not just for their great kids, but because we share a lot in common with this family as far as our Christian faith and personalities are concerned. The husband is a lot like mine, and the wife is a lot like me. So we mesh well.

On one of these get-togethers I fixed dinner and she helped me decorate my living room (totally a post for another day, but man could this woman have her own show on HGTV).

I went to let the puppy outside and when I returned to the kitchen (where clean-up was happening) their 13-year-old was unloading my dishwasher. Voluntarily. As in taking the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and puting them away in my cabinets. No, you did not just imagine that.

I think in addition to having a show on HGTV, they should have a show on parenting. The world would be a better place if these people were parenting the world’s children. Heck, I might even give them mine. When I have some. Some day.


2 Responses to “back in my day….”

  1. 1 momlovesbeingathome February 23, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    Umm… WOW! I have to say I have pretty good kids (age 17 and 14) and THEY don’t even empty the dishwasher without being asked… most of the time that is. :) That’s impressive! :)

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