you know what they say: new house, new….


I get a strange thrill out of being controversial. Or tricky.

I gotta tell ya folks, ever since our little Blitzen died back in September I’ve really wanted a Miniature Schnauzer. I’m sure there’s some sort of psycho babble as to why I shouldn’t jump into getting one, but I missed the little guy, and I love the breed.

So, I asked for one for Christmas, and my husband did everything in response to that request but laugh at me. Actually no, scratch that, I think he did laugh at me.

Basically, there was no hope.

Except that, on Christmas morning, I opened up a tiny little box with a note inside that said:

“…..let’s get a Miniature Schnauzer puppy.”

That little line was part of a fabulous little rhyming poem that he wrote which, if I posted it, would probably get me in divorce court quicker than Joan Rivers runs to her plastic surgeon after spotting a wrinkle. But trust me, it was adorable.

And I cried.

So we found a local-ish breeder, and went to pick out the little guy. We narrowed it down to 2 choices and then finally settled on this guy:

Ain’t he just the cutest? So, in honor of naming our Christmas-present-puppies after reindeer, I went with tradition and named him Dasher.

Now, since my husband allowed me to get a puppy he says that I’m not allowed to bug him about kids for another 3 years.

We’ll see.


1 Response to “you know what they say: new house, new….”

  1. 1 lifelemons February 20, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    I really need to come and meet the new guy!

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