what i learned this week

what-i-learned-this-week1I am getting older.

I know this is a post that should have occurred about 5 years ago, but I don’t like change, so I’ve been living in denial for about that long apparently.

There are 2 things that happened this week that have brought me to this conclusion.

Thing #1: I am not allowed to accompany my sister to her homecoming dance.

Please don’t stop reading. I really have to explain myself for this one. I am, in fact, aware that I am 24 years old. In theory, anyway.

I do know what my age is, don’t get me wrong. When someone asks how old I am, I answer “twenty-four” and I know that it is the right answer. However, it seems as though my brain has 2 different sides that aren’t communicating with one another. Here’s how I know:

I like my sister a lot. She’s one of my closest friends and I LOVE spending time with her. She’s a blast, and we’re definitely a hoot when we’re together. So, this week, she said something like “…well, I don’t have a date to homecoming, so I’m just going with Ashley, but it would be really fun if I could bring you…” “Why don’t you?!”  I asked. “I would totally go with you! How fun would that be?!” “Um, yeah, it would be a blast, but you can’t be any older than 20 or 21 to go to a high school dance with someone.” And I believe at that moment, my face said something like “Yeah, so?” As if I was actually young enough to go with my sister, because I can’t possibly be older than 20 or 21, right? And she was all “Fancythis, you’re twenty-four.” And I was shocked. Shocked because I am that far out of reach from the high school years that I wouldn’t be allowed to go to a high school dance unless I was there as a chaperone. One of those boring, old people who are there to make sure you don’t do something stupid.

(As an aside, you should understand this about me: since I’m a youth group leader at my church, I have spent the 7 years since I graduated high school with teenagers, and so I really don’t feel as if I’m that far removed from high school. Hence why, before I actually realized that I’m twenty-four, I totally thought it was appropriate for me to go to homecoming with my little sister. Also, she’s pretty mature for her age, so I sometimes forget how immature other high schoolers are. Until I’m around them for an extended period of time.)

Thing #2: I realized that midnight is very late, and one should be sleeping at such an hour.

My cousin Jamie (if you’re reading, hi!) is turning 21 on Sunday. So she’s having a little get-together for her birthday. Saturday night starting at midnight (which is technically Sunday, I know) is when the thing will start. And when my brother told me that I was all “Dude, that is so late! We have to get up early for church the next day, and anyway, I might fall asleep while we’re out or something, because at that time, I should have already been in bed for, like, 2 hours, or something.” And then he said “Geez, don’t be such and old fart!” And I realized that when I was in high school and into 21 and 22, midnight was exactly when all the fun was happening, and sleeping was just sort of an option, because who wants to miss all the fun by being boring and sleeping? And also? When you’re that age you are sort of blessed with extra adrenaline or something, and so 4 hours of sleep really is sufficient. And you can do that many nights in a row and never even realize that you’re tired.

So, all of the sudden, instead of being all caught up in who I’m hanging out with tonight or whether or not so-and-so likes my shoes/hair/clothes/face, I’m worrying about when I’ll find out if the offer we put on a house is approved, and organizing and maintaining a budget, and checking consumer reports for the best refrigerators and washer/dryer combos.

Who am I?!

Be sure to share what YOU learned this week – visit Musings of a Housewife for more details!


1 Response to “what i learned this week”

  1. 1 lifelemons September 17, 2009 at 11:21 am

    You are cracking me up and as a side I can’t believe you are still waiting for those jerks to respond about the house!

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