while you’re all thinking about sonia sotomayor and the economic recession….

Y’know, it has really bothered me, for the longest time, that Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have a good man.

I mean, call me crazy, but I really thought that the whole Brad thing was gonna work out. They seemed to be doing really well, and, let’s be honest, making it past the 1-year mark in Hollywood all but guarantees that you’re doing something right.

But, then they announced their separation and subsequent divorce and Brad traded in America’s favorite “girl next door” for big lips and 80,000 children.


Then last night I lay in bed thinking, (yes, for real) “Surely there’s some man out there for her, one who actually wants to be married and isn’t some idiotic 20-something who just wants to say that he “got in on” with JenAn.”

And then, it hit me.

What about her FRIENDS?

matthewp The unlikely choice – Matthew Perry, although apparently they were friends before FRIENDS. He’s funny and charming (based on what I’ve seen in interviews) and I’m sure he’s moved passed that whole 20 and early 30’s mentality of “I have to sleep with every living woman to cement my place in the history of mankind.” It could work!

mattl Matching her pretty – Matt LeBlanc. Be honest with yourselves, you secretly loved the Joey-Rachel romance in the last season. You allowed yourself to think that even if Ross and Rachel couldn’t work it out, Joey and Rachel would work anyway. No? Ok, maybe that was just me. But for real, yo. Matt L was married and has a kiddo, he’s into the whole commitment thing, right? It could work!

davids Giving us all what we really want – David Schwimmer. He’s a great actor, he’s tall, sexy, and mysterious – he’s the whole package! And don’t fool yourselves, there’s a part of you that wants Ross and Rachel to make it real-life, you think it would last if they could avoid going on a break or acting like children. It could work!


I’m glad I could be of assistance. And who knows? Maybe since they have all this history together, of friendship, and loving one another, and wanting the best for one another, they might realize that those are some of the qualities of a good marriage. And maybe JenAn could make it work with one of these 3 FRIENDS based on those good qualities and they’ll have a long, healthy, marriage – one that will revolutionize the way Hollywood views it. And it will all just be grand.

Or maybe she’ll just go back to John Mayer and forget everything she learned while making “He’s Just NOT That Into You”.

1 Response to “while you’re all thinking about sonia sotomayor and the economic recession….”

  1. 1 Lynne July 15, 2009 at 3:55 pm

    So apparently you’re trying desperately to NOT think about house-hunting and this is what happens :) Too funny

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