it’s starting to get old, isn’t it?

Interwebs, I have to talk about houses again, I just have to.

This season of my life will be similar to when I was getting married, and all of my prep for that.

Or when Husband was deployed and how well I handled that. (As an aside, I’m realizing now just how dark a period that was in my life….sheesh!)

This will be the house-buying phase, which will inevitably become the home repair phase which will hopefully be rounded out with the filling the house with babies phase. But I digress.

So, on Tuesday afternoon I, accompanied by my Dad and Lemons, set out to check out the first house – my favorite house of the bunch.

It’s in pre-foreclosure so it hasn’t been maintained well on the outside, but it’s only 4 years old, so there’s not much about it that looked shabby. We walked in the door, and I could still smell the “new house” smell, which is only rivaled by the new car smell. MMMMMMM.


It was in pretty good shape, considering the circumstances, and my excitement grew with each new opened door. It’s spacious and elegant, and in some cases, a fresh coat of pain will do the trick. There are some rooms in which I would have to hire professional carpet cleaners, and other rooms would need new carpet altogether, but it’s manageable. As a matter of fact, the worst part of the inside of the house was down in the basement, where it seems as thought the former owners just went nuts when they discovered that the bank does come to take your house from you if you’re not paying for it, and body-slammed themselves into different sections of the wall. Lets just say that I would be hiring some professionals to come fix the drywall in several places. But, again, it’s manageable. And for the size of the house vs. the cost of the house, it’s a steal.

Then we went outside. Oh the outside. There aren’t really words for the outside except to say that if I wanted to rent out my yard for sledding in the winter, except the sledding would be like a cross between sledding and chicken, because the slope is toward the house, not down and away from it, I would make LOTS of money.

It was REALLY discouraging, and something I would consider to be a deal-breaker. (“But can’t we just move this house onto another lot?” I questioned to myself, frequently) My dad did mention the possibility of hiring a landscaper/contractor to level the yard out and make it look really nice with a retaining-wall-type-thingy, so now I’m exploring that option. Well, I’m not exploring it, Mr. Palmer from church is exploring it. Because I haven’t used him enough as it is. (he also hooked us up with our realtor, and has been an absolute life-saver over-all so far in this process) He’s going to take a look at it to determine whether it’s a. feasible b. acceptable to the county and c. worth all the trouble.

After I left the house on Tuesday, I actually planned on crossing it off of the list, but there’s just something that keeps coming up in my mind about it, and I just can’t let it go. So I’ll be exhausting every possibility with this house before I count it out entirely.

Maybe because when I was walking through it, I could picture where I would put the Christmas Tree, and y’all know that once that happens, it’s curtains.


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