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Internets, I’m not sure if you are aware, but we’re in some tough financial times. People aren’t spending, and when they are, they’re maxing out their credit cards – it’s just not good. Banks are going under, (sucky) Car companies are going under, and we’re left hanging in the balance. (Oh, and paying these poorly-run business/banks millions of dollars so that we can give them another opportunity to screw it all up, ahem)

So for this Fun Stuff Friday, I give you a tool to help with it all – Mvelopes.

Now, I know this may not seem fun, or trendy, or something that would look great on my foot, but hold on! I promise you that there is nothing more fun than getting your finances in order.

I first heard about Mvelopes through the Business Manager/Accountant at my church. Basically? He’s the man. He’s extremely frugal and I sometimes spend more time in his office discussing budgets, credit cards, and the housing market than I do doing my own job. It’s fascinating stuff, what can I say?

So, in one of these conversations, he told me about Mvelopes. This is what they say about themselves:

Mvelopes is the most effective online personal finance and spending management system ever. This revolutionary, award-winning system applies innovative financial software technology to the traditional envelope method of budgeting to help you manage your finances, while living within your income – and most of it’s done automatically!

I say? It’s freakin’ awesome! This site enables you to budget everything down to the penny. You set up your own budget based on the monthly needs of your household. There’s an “envelope” for every category of spending, and they’re completely customizable (mortgage/utilities/cell phone bill/fun money). You “fund” those envelopes every time you get paid,  you link it to every account you have that either takes money (credit cards/bills/cars) or holds money (checking/savings/ira’s/cd’s – you name it) (this software doesn’t actually touch the money in your accounts, you’re just telling it how you want to spend or save based on what is in your accounts) and then every time a transaction comes in, you assign it to an “envelope” and it automatically subtracts that transaction from how much money you told it to be funded originally, and then tells you how much money you have left in that “envelope” for the month. Its genius, I tell you, GENIUS! Don’t just take my word for it though – here’s what other folks had to say about it.

So, are YOUR finances all helter-skelter? Do you need to get your act together when it comes to your budget? (I can’t help you fix everything you know) Then go check out Mvelopes – and let me know if you do – we can be budget-buddies!


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