there’s not a whole lot more humbling in life

I remember the first time I ever saw a Smart Car. I literally guffawed. You know what I mean; that sort of obnoxious laughter that comes from a high and mighty place. I mean, who wouldn’t? Just look at the thing:


There was irony in my high and mighty guffawing because, well, I drive a Scion xB. And I don’t even drive one of those cool looking new ones, mine looks like this:

scion-xbA box.

In my defense, I knew that there was irony. In fact, when I was finally able to breathe again after my extended, and quite loud, bout of guffawing (it’s really a great word, you can’t fault me for using it so frequently) I laugh-choked-exclaimed, “Dude! I’m laughing at what you’re driving, and I drive a freakin’ box!”

Also, it really is just a funny-looking car. Seriously, go have a second look.

And then, (because isn’t there always an “and then”?) today happened.

I was driving to work, minding my own business when I pulled up to a red light. Right there next to me, in the flesh (or plastic and cardboard as it were) was a Smart Car. I looked over at it and chuckled. (seriously, it is really funny looking you guys, look at the picture again) I think chuckling was probably a little mean, but eh, no sense hiding how I feel, right? Well, the driver saw me laugh.

And when the light turned green, he burned me.

I’m not kidding folks, those pot-head-hippie-green people may have something here. Why, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw that little guy kicking some major Nascar butt.

But I’ll probably still have a good old-fashioned guffaw at its expense, because well, you know.


1 Response to “there’s not a whole lot more humbling in life”

  1. 1 lifelemons March 26, 2009 at 7:06 am

    Pan to the future in 2025 when we are all mandated to drive these “Smart Cars.” Be afraid, be very afraid! ;)

    Oh wait back to reality…

    I saw one the other day and the guy driving was pretty darn fast…but it doesn’t take away from the fact that clowns should be piling out of it!

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