seriously considering quitting my day job

Do you guys remember last year when I took my good friend Ellen shopping?

I did it again yesterday.

I’m really considering offering this service to women in my church. It’s just too much fun to not want to do professionally. I  could be thinking that it’s so fun because Ellen is just so easy to shop for/with. She’s actually very open to branching out (in spite of her disdain for ballet flats, but that’s not as if she doesn’t like jeans, or something.) and she makes finding clothes and shoes for her quite enjoyable.

So because Ellen has a light, breezy, sort of preppy style about her – The Gap is our store of choice.

I was perusing their website the other day when I can across this outfit. I fell in love with it. Not just for her, but for myself as well. It’s comfort dressy casual, which is nice to have around for such occasions as bridal/baby showers. Casual parties and even church on Sunday. All of the things that Ellen was looking for. SCORE!

We had to sub out the button-up shirt in the picture for a different one at Old Navy ($48 for a cotton button-up shirt is RIDICULOUS!) but overall the look is just as lovely and looks outstanding on her!

Because Ellen is a SAHM, she was looking for a “dressy black sneaker” that would be practical, dressier than just a regular sneaker and not kill her feet. Internet, do you know how almost-impossible it was to find these shoes? We finally stopped at DSW and found the perfect fit, but I won’t lie, I was cursing the shoe gods for making the search so difficult. I mean, they come in EVERY STINKING COLOR, but black was the hardest to find. And, as far as colors go, it can be worn with more, so I was really wondering why this search was so difficult. In the end, the shoe was worth the trouble. It’s so cute! (they’re like that, except all black with black laces)

The best part, of course, was just spending time with someone who is a blast to be around. She is seriously one of the nicest people I know, and spending time with her is like being allowed to eat all the Reese’s you’d like without any of the weight gain. Or the horrible dentist bill.

I can’t wait for next year!


2 Responses to “seriously considering quitting my day job”

  1. 1 Juanita's Mom February 9, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    I had a blast too! While I firmly believe that you could work professionally helping people find styles that look good for their body type, I pray that you don’t actually make it your day job because I couldn’t afford to pay for your services (and that would make me sad!) Next year we are totally branching out into the skirt or dress world. I promise to post a pic of me in my new outfit when I wear it! Thank you for your time and talent, I will remember our fun day together everytime I step out in my new duds!

  1. 1 the ellen project: part 1 « sunny side of life Trackback on September 13, 2010 at 5:27 am

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