and here we…….go

Internet, have any of you ever lived with your parents?

Let me rephrase – Have any of you ever lived with your parents, while married, after your spouse just returned from a year-long deployment overseas?

I didn’t think so.

I don’t want to sound like an ingrate – living with my parents has been great for our financial health; there’s money in the bank and that is never a bad thing. Really, if I’m being honest, it’s not so bad most of the time. Heck, my mom makes dinner most nights of the week and even does our laundry sometimes. It’s just grand.

Every now and then though, dear Internet, it’s not just a walk in the park on a breezy spring day. No, sometimes it’s like driving down I-95 during the summer time at rush-hour, in beach traffic, and there’s been an accident that has blocked 2 of the 5 lanes. Sometimes, it’s just that bad.

Like, the fact that some of my brothers don’t know how to knock. Or that you can’t just walk around the house in your tank-top and underwear. (Or your birthday suit, as the case may be) Or that your time isn’t just your time, you have to consider how everyone else has their day planned and sort of work around them.

I don’t know though, I can’t really think of any specific examples…..

Sometimes Internet, you catch a break. Like if good friends ask you to house-sit (score!), or when the starts align, and everyone seems to have something going on that doesn’t require them to be at home, OR, and this is the best of them all my friends, when your husband has a “re-integration seminar” scheduled for the weekend and YOU ARE ALLOWED TO GO! That would be the case today.

I’m not staying with him the entire weekend; I do have other plans – like the Melting Pot tomorrow, and shopping with previously-linked-to friend on Sunday.

But tonight I get to spend with my husband, just the 2 of us in all of our “newly-wed” bliss.


1 Response to “and here we…….go”

  1. 1 lifelemons February 8, 2009 at 10:57 pm

    Glad you got to spend the night with your hubby! As you know I have lived with my parents and it is not always easy. Chin up…revel in the fact that you know it will not be forever! Love you!

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