i don’t need the lottery, my brother plays football

Remember last year? When my brother had to do this “prove yourself” test thingy for his football team? He had to do it again this year too. Unfortunately, I’m not unemployed this year, so I couldn’t go and chear him on. Fortunately, my little sister is unemployed, and so she went. And got one stinkin’ picture. But boy is it a doozey. Check him out:

That’s my little brother, running the mile in 6 minutes and 38 seconds. Disgusting, huh? He also ran the 40 yard dash in 4.66 seconds. And he can bench press his own weight 15 times. Impressive, no? The best part about him, is that he really isn’t one of those macho-braggy-type guys (I do all of his bragging for him). Unless of course, you have a camera in your hands, then he turns on the charm.


3 Responses to “i don’t need the lottery, my brother plays football”

  1. 1 lifelemons August 12, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    OMG! I need his willpower, I don’t know anyone (besides him of course) that goes and exercises for fun!

  2. 2 DDTM August 13, 2008 at 11:44 am

    LLA – while I applaud your cheering J on, how can you expect to find Z a girl by posting _that_ pic on the internet? :)

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