the one with the puppy

Meet the newest member of our family:

Deacon Prancer (yes, like the reindeer. yes, we give our dogs middle names. this was the name my mom wanted for our other dog, but she lost that battle, so I made it this little guy’s middle name) Ewald (the breeder’s (who also happens to be a friend of ours. Can you do a parentheses within a parentheses?) last name) Smith.

He’s an eight week old Doberman Pinscher and I just love him to pieces. I got the privilege of picking him up and driving him home yesterday. By myself. Which is an interesting trip when all he wants to do is sit in your lap while your driving your manual vehicle. He loves to cuddle, which is so unlike our other dog, and whenever he gets the opportunity to, he ends up like this:

All snuggled up in your lap.

We spent the better part of the evening getting he and our other dog acquainted, and after they spent a century checking each other out (read: sniffing each other’s hind ends) my other dog gave me this look which said; “So when are we getting rid of him?”. Needless to say, little Deacon is fascinated with Blitzen (our other dog, also like the reindeer. What? He was a Christmas present!) and Blitzen is still trying to figure out why we let this little creature who likes to chew on everything (including hands and toes! And Blitzen’s face!) into our lives so suddenly, just when he was getting old and crotchety enough to enjoy his personal space. Oh well.

I’m sure that Blitzen will be forced to accept Deacon’s presence when Deacon outweighs him by 75 pounds. He’s going to be huge. Deacon is already 15 pounds (compared to Blitzen’s 23) and the breeder told us that he’s bigger than the mother was at that age. The mother grew to be 80-something pounds, so we’re giving Deacon a solid 100. I mean, look at these paws!

Ok, probably not the best example. But you really should see them in comparison to the rest of him. His paws are too big for his whole body. It’s hilarious!

So, that’s our new little baby. Hey we needed something to keep ourselves occupied when my mom stopped having kids! Some people take vacations, we buy new dogs.

Welcome to our home, little buddy.


4 Responses to “the one with the puppy”

  1. 1 em May 16, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    He is soooo cute!

    Not clipping his ears?

    Will this be your dog later or stay with your parents?

  2. 2 lifelemons May 16, 2008 at 8:30 pm

    Oh snap, he is freakin’ adorable! I can’t wait to come over to see him!

  3. 3 DDTM May 19, 2008 at 10:14 am

    So if I understand, the dog is Deacon Prancer Ewald Smith.

    What are you naming the children (being born in late 2009) again? Micah Jeroboam Smith Angert? Elijah Elisha Ehud Ebeneezer Angert? Delilah Rahab Tamar Bathsheeba Miriam Angert?

  4. 4 lifelemons June 5, 2008 at 9:43 pm

    Oh my Lord woman! I am sick of looking at this demon dog! Write something new already!

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