do you ever wish…..

-that your roots didn’t just sneak-attack you out of the middle of nowhere? Seriously. It’s like, one day all will be right with the world (hair-wise) and then the next day it’s like Whoa! You mean I’m not a natural white-blonde?

-that you could actually shop from the Pottery Barn catalog? I don’t mean like “Yes! My tax-refund check came! Let’s get that lamp I saw….” I mean like, “I’d like page 72, 90, and 145, please. Everything on those pages.”

-that bathrooms cleaned themselves. Like so you could just wake up tomorrow morning and go have breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Lemons without having to do that first.

-while we’re on the topic of bathrooms, how about wishing that the men in your life could actually aim with their “aiming devices”? Seriously guys, point and shoot, it’s not that difficult. In fact, you’re all pretty successful playing Playstation with that method. Or paintball. Or you know, in a real gun-fight.

-that my husband wasn’t so far away and I actually had a husband and not a web-cam? Sorry, I had to throw that in there.

-that life was full of weekends?


2 Responses to “do you ever wish…..”

  1. 1 DDTM May 5, 2008 at 9:39 am

    – I wish I had roots. Even if they attack me.
    – yes.
    – yes. I also wish people took *me* to the Cracker Barrel.
    – As many people will tell you, in all three instances (playstation, paintball, fighting) you “walk” your fire onto the target. Only cartoons and Arnold Schwarzenegger hit dead center on the first shot. :)
    – yes.
    – yes.

  2. 2 Georgia Mom May 6, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    I’m visiting from DCRMom and I couldn’t agree with you more, especially with the Cracker Barrel and Pottery Barn comment. I’m sorry you only have a webcam for a husband. I sometimes only have a text message, but I usually know he’s not far behind the TM.

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