rave reviews for the new ‘do! plus other events from the weekend

“It’s sassy!” said SaintRAV

“Fancythis, you really should take a picture and send it to your husband, you look so cute!” said Kim

“It’s the style of the century!” (seriously) said Kathie

“Just adorable.” said Aunt Rita

Well, everyone’s talking about my new haircut in which I hacked (or really, Claire did) yet another inch off of my hair, something I swore I’d never do, even just 2 months ago. So, do you wanna see it? Here you go:


I did it right before McShann’s (“former youth leader”) wedding, which brings me to the long-awaited showing of the dress. You ready?


And of course a shot of the wedding crew (some of them anyway!), Congratulations Mike and Katie!


Their wedding was an absolute blast in which I danced the night away with good friends who didn’t let me sit out on a single song just because my husband wasn’t there to dance with me. (Of course, being that he’s not much of a dancer, it probably would have been that way even if he was here!)

Which brings us to today, which is certainly the most important in my world. Hallelujah! He’s alive. Happy Easter to you all, may you find hope in the resurrection of Christ Jesus, our Lord.



2 Responses to “rave reviews for the new ‘do! plus other events from the weekend”

  1. 1 lifelemons March 23, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    I love your hair (and dress)! It is so cute!!!

    Love the family picture also, I’ll have to bring Hannah by so your Mom can see her!

    Love you!

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