as if i didn’t already know i was born to shop

So, I enjoy shopping.

And I guess this is apparent to people in my life, because my very dear friend Ellen wanted me to take her shopping and make her “fashionable”.

I was worried about this undertaking, not because Ellen is so far off the charts, but because there’s a lot of pressure involved when other people have such high expectations.

But I knew Ellen would be even more fun to shop for than even me because, well, even after 2 children, Ellen is a 4/6. More 4 than 6, but you know how stores are funny. Which is so ridiculously awesome, I don’t even have the words to describe the hope I have for myself now because of her. But that’s a different post.

So anyway, I’m just gonna cut to the chase. I ROCK at shopping for skinny people, I really should be one. I mean, like actually get down to a size 6 instead of the 12 I’m rockin’ right now.

As an aside, just before my wedding I was almost in an 8, but you know, marriage and food kinda got in the way of keeping up with that.

So anyway, this is the outfit we picked out:

With these boots: 


And can I just tell you? I’m good. I mean, she’s got the great body or whatever. But I know how to dress it man!

Oh, and I also convinced her to re-pierce her ears.

Because my persuasion skills are apparently out of this world.

I did get 2 pairs(I actually got a pretty mint-green color that they’re not showing there for some reason, but that’s the style) of shoes (I got those for $9, can you believe it?!) for myself as well.

So I’m now waiting for Britney Spears to request my services, because she needs me desparately to straighten her life out.

At least, her wardrobe life, she’s too far gone in every other area. 


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