So I was tagged by the SIL to tell you about my five absolute favorite places to eat out. Her prediction for me? “Melting Pot, Melting Pot and…. um… The Melting Pot!” So here we go…..

1. Duh, The Melting Pot! The atmosphere is nice for a date for 2 or even a girls night out. I’ve actually gone here more with my girlfriends than my husband, but I always throroughly enjoy myself regardless of who I’m with. The food is great GREAT, SCRUMPTIOUS, TO DIE FOR! Surprisingly, I’m always able to finish the entire meal, when at most other restaraunts, I eat about half of what they bring out. Anyway, go there, you’ll love it!

2. I also enjoy Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar. For some reason, I couldn’t find their website, but just trust me, the food is great. It’s also quite entertaining because they actually grill the food in front of you and the chefs are all creative and whatnot with the throwing and spinning of the utensils. Fun.

3. Next is Ali Baba Middle Eastern Restaurant. Yum-o! I was introduced to this restaurant by my husband who L-O-V-E-S Middle Eastern cuisine, and because of this place, I can tell why. They’ve managed to figure out the perfect way to season everything and it just keeps you wanting more. It’s definitely a fun date night for us.

4. A place that my family enjoys the food from during summer vacation is the Crab Barn. Not surprisingly, I couldn’t fin their website either, so you’ll just have to trust me again! This is definitely a seafood lover’s place, although I think I remember seeing steaks and burgers on their menu as well. To me though, if you want a steak, go to a steak joint. Anyway, I’ve never had such good seafood. They cook it perfectly and their hushpuppies are killer! So, if you’re ever down in the Rehoboth Beach area, give it a try!

5. Last but certainly not least is La Casa Pasta. This is some seriously authentic Italian food. If you’re not a Carb-a-phobe this is the place for you. Everything is so tasty and despite the fact that I pretty much order the same thing every time I go there, I have ventured out once or twice and have been very much pleased with whatever I have ordered.

So now that I’m craving all of this food and will probably gain 20 pounds just thinking about it, I leave it up to you all to do this meme as well and let me know if you do!


1 Response to “meme-a-licious”

  1. 1 mamadoggylove June 8, 2007 at 9:55 am

    I did this meme a few weeks ago – it was fun to drool over all my favorite foods!! I even went out and indulged in a few after I did it. These places sound great!

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