a different kind of education


I have a Myspace account.

Short of sounding like some sort of stalker, I’ll say that what I use myspace for is for the good of the youth masses. Well, the youth whose lives I’m either directly or indirectly involved in. But I have a myspace nonetheless.

I literally go into myspace with the intent to search for names and possible nicknames of kids I know, and if anything inappropriate is uncovered, thusly rat them out. I know, I’m a real sweetheart, right? Well, I don’t really care what anyone thinks, this isn’t a forum to share your negative feelings with me. So there.

Anyway, yesterday I came upon the account of someone who’s pretty close to me. After discovering that they hadn’t logged into their account in a couple of months, but suspecting that they were probably still using myspace, I started to investigate a little bit. I searched through a couple of their “friends” and found the new myspace for this individual.

Oh. Boy. First off, the background for this person’s page was marijuana leaves. I must admit that I wasn’t totally surprised by this, I was more surprised at the openness this person had with their behavior. I started looking at pictures they posted and found some pictures of the person with a cigarette in hand, drinking beer, and then I found pictures of said individual with friends holding blunts. HUGE blunts. I proceeded to continue down the page a found a video of this person doing what’s called a “shotgun”.

I didn’t know right away that that’s what it was called. I had to call on some people who had some knowledge of the drug world to find this information out.

For those of you who don’t know. A “shotgun” is when one person is actually taking a drag of the blunt/joint and the other person takes the smoke from the other end in their mouth for a stronger effect or a greater “high”. Hence the term shotgun.

I know, right? I was shocked too. This person is 6 years younger than me with this knowledge, and I’m completely oblivious to it.

If that wasn’t enough, I then ran across a conversation they were having with a friend about going down to Jamaica for spring break and how they can get “an 8th for $10 and an o for $30”. Now, since I was without the knowledge of what the heck a shotgun was, I of course had no idea what this conversation meant. Turns out an “o” is an ounce and can usually be referencing either crack or marijuana. I figured they were referencing marijuana, because considering how young they are, I thought, naively, that there was no way they were involved with crack.

Wrong. Apparently an 8th or “8-ball” is slang for the weight of crack. It is very unlikely that marijuana is sold in terms of “eight”. Big shocker.

Now? Now, I have to be the “bad guy” and rat this person out. It’s an ugly job, but somebody has to do it.

This did get me thinking though. How many parents are as oblivious to this stuff as I was? I’m not that far removed from teendom, nor am I a parent, and somehow, yesterday’s discovery made me realize the true distance that is there.

I am in no way saying that myspace is this evil networking site. In fact, most of my “friends” on myspace who are teens use the thing for what it was designed for. All I’m suggesting is that if the parent of this teen is so clueless, how many others are just as clueless when it comes to their kids?

Wake up people, this is real.


3 Responses to “a different kind of education”

  1. 1 Emily December 16, 2006 at 9:04 pm

    Hi Laura!

    I just found your blog, and I loved reading it! I feel like I’ve caught up on your life now :-) I hope you’re doing okay while Luke is away—I remembed the first time Scott left me after we got married—it was horrible. I’ll be thinking of you!

  2. 2 Up in Smoke December 30, 2006 at 7:51 pm

    an 8th is an 8th of an ounce. No one calls an 8-ball an 8th. Just FYI

  1. 1 and you thought it ended in highschool « sunny side of life Trackback on December 26, 2006 at 2:20 pm

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