There are few things in life that truly anger me. I am a relatively laid back person who generally doesn’t “sweat the small stuff”.

There are some things though, that really upset me, and one of them is a careless pregnant woman.

Now, having never been pregnant, I don’t have much personal experience to go off of, and I’m sure some of you who are pregnant or have been are reading this wondering where in the world I picked up the gall to throw my 2 cents in with such a lack of experience. Bear with me please.

There is the obvious; smoking while pregnant. I can get pret-tyupset when I see this. Sometimes it’s all I can do to stop myself from walking up to the person, ripping the cigarette out of their mouth and freaking out on them for doing such a stupid thing. I even have it all planned out in my head: “What in God’s name would posses you to be SO selfish that you would consider your desires before the health and safety of your child?!” Then I would stomp on the cigarette for good measure and walk away leaving them feeling ashamed for their actions, so much so, that they quit smoking right away. I live in a dream world, right?

The other offense is more subtle. It’s so subtle in fact, that unless you’re around the pregnant person pretty often, you won’t even know that they’re committing this offense. It is eating unhealthy.

I know, I know. You’re eating for two right? Wrong. According to the article I just linked that whole eating for two thing is a total myth. Even still, if “cravings” are had, that certainly isn’t the go ahead for you to run out and grab a Cinnabon (although quite tasty) every day. If you, as the pregnant person, are supplying the nutrients for your baby, wouldn’t you try to eat as healthy as possible? Like say, even if you’re not such a big fan of salads, suck it up for the baby. What about vegetables? I’m not saying that you should become this food Nazi the moment you find out your pregnant, but I do think that certain measures need to be taken to ensure that you have the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible.

Why am I writing about this you ask? Well that’s because I need to vent. The girl H I work with is pregnant. I get so frustrated because she is SO unhealthy. A typical food day for her is as follows:

Breakfast: pancakes and bacon – she doesn’t use syrup because she doesn’t like it but each pancake gets a healthy slab of butter. (I’m not exaggerating, she literally uses THREE of those little butter packets on each pancake)

Lunch: If her dictator husband lets her buy lunch she’ll buy either fast food or have something fried out of our cafe. Otherwise she’ll eat doritos or cheetos or goldfish and wash it down with a healthy dose of Coca Cola or Pepsi (with caffeine of course)

Dinner: Anything fast food. She is the laziest person in the world and rarely cooks dinner. When she does, it’s chicken fingers, french fries, mac and cheese and corn. (please note that corn is the first vegetable I’ve put down on here, and really, it’s a starch)

Her mantra? “I don’t eat salad, salad is for rabbits.” The only “vegetable” she likes is corn, and she won’t suck any of this up, not even for the baby. It is SO infuriating!

Even after a recent ultrasound when they discovered that the baby could have some sort of heart defect, she didn’t change her eating habits. What the heck? Do you need some sort of huge sign from God? (as if the ultrasound wasn’t enough) Like, does he need to replace all of the crappy food at your house with healthy food in order for it to click? Maybe send you a personal chef?

Anyway. I’m sure it’s obvious that I’ve needed to get that off of my chest for a while. She is almost 8 months pregnant you know.

Hopefully one day when I’m pregnant (far, far away from now) I’ll remember this soapbox I was standing on and try not to justify eating horribly. Although, I’m sure I could probably justify a Cinnabon every now and then! ;)


4 Responses to “Pregnancy”

  1. 1 R October 19, 2006 at 2:18 pm

    This post disappoints me. We need to talk about it at some point.

  2. 2 girlymama October 19, 2006 at 10:08 pm

    when i was pregnant, my doctor just said: “eat smart. don’t read too much.” (which anyone who read the what2expect-food-nazi-pyramid will understand) its all about balance and moderation – two things seriously lacking in the average american diet anyway. you only need about 300 more calories a day when you’re pregnant, which you should probably get from something healthy rather than drinking 2 extra pepsis.

    most likely, this woman is hurting herself more than her baby. my doctor told me that your body will take the nutrients it needs for your baby. if it needs calcium and you’re not getting any in your diet, it will take it from your bones. ultimately, it is her body that will suffer. and, unfortunately, changing her eating habits at this point would have no effect on a defect that is already there.

    but luckily, god in his great mercy, creates healthy babies every day despite unhealthy circumstances. heck, i didn’t know i was pregnant for, like, two months and, thankfully, my baby was fine despite my taking two medications you’re not supposed to take while pregnant, eating whatever and drinking (some) alcohol. ‘course i actually ate nothing for awhile there due to my good friend morning sickness ;-)

    still, its sad to hear, since she will probably be passing these eating habits on to her children.

  3. 3 dcrmom October 21, 2006 at 12:13 pm

    Eh. Not a hill I’d die on. :-) Girlymama is right. The person she is harming most is herself. (As is evidenced my my dental health since having babies.)

    The thing is, when you’re pregnant, if you have any amount of morning sickness at all, you’ll realize you have to eat whatever you can choke down (which often is fat and starch) and whatever makes you feel better (which often is McDonalds) and whatever doesn’t give you heart burn (salads? omg, kill me now!)

    You’d have DIED ON THE SPOT if you could have watched me eat (and drink) while I was pregnant.

    And if anything is wrong with her baby, the chances it has to do with diet are slim to none. Smoking? Now that’s a different story. Criminal.

  4. 4 Vanessa October 25, 2006 at 12:42 am

    I was in the post office today… waiting in line for about 10 minutes. It’s redeployment and deployment time around here so the PO is crazy. Anyway… this girl in front of me got her package and left… then, I did my business and left… She’s sitting in the parking lot in her van and I hear a baby crying inside. She didn’t bring that baby in, and there was no one else in the car!!! I couldn’t believe it! She was inside for at least 15 minutes! The nerve!

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